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TASER CEW Master Instructor Certification Course

Axon’s TASER CEW Master Instructor Certification Course is a 5-day program that certifies attendees for 24 months from the date of course completion. This course provides instructor development and end-user training on CEW best practices, weapon handling, de-escalation, scenario-based training, and TASER program management (

First-time attendees of the program will be required to attend all 5 days of the certification course. Those renewing an active certification earned prior to 2019 may elect to complete Axon’s 3-day program, with or without participation in elective workshops held on Day 5.

In addition to the on-site course (dates below), all attendees will be required to complete prerequisite online courseware via Axon Academy ( You will be registered for your online courseware at the time of your registration.

Prerequisites required for course registration:

  • 5 years of professional experience as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, or 5 years of active military service
  • Active certification as a TASER CEW Instructor
  • Able to participate in strenuous physical activity
  • Full-duty clearance required

Course Syllabus: First Time Attendees (5-day Program)
Course Syllabus: Renewal (3-day Program)
Course Syllabus: Renewal (4-day Program)

Course Registration Fee: $1495

Course Registration Process:

  1. Submit course application (see form on this page)
  2. Course application approved by Axon Training; all applications will receive a response
  3. Course registration and payment (including OSP/TASER 7 Plan voucher submission)
  4. Course registration confirmation and online course access granted


For any questions related to Master Instructor Certification, please contact us at


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