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Training Host Request

Thank you for considering hosting an Axon-sponsored Instructor Training course!

Note: Hosted course request dates need to be a minimum of 90 days in the future. Host requests from the same state may be considered if they are 90 minutes or 90 days apart.

Axon Training has made some changes that will affect your request to host a TASER Instructor Course. For courses on or after April 1, 2022, we will be sending two Master Instructors to each class. We will also have some additional requirements to host a course (click to download). Additionally, we will be increasing the number of students who can attend a course to 28 (up from 20), which will result in a reduced number of courses. Prior to submitting your request, please be sure your facility can meet our new host requirements. Keep in mind we may need to reject your request based upon several factors such as date and location restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact

Please fill out the form on the right and add any additional pertinent information to your request. You may find more information of the different types of courses below:

In-House Internal Instructor Course (Online) - Master Instructors should request this course type if your agency is running an internal instructor course and will be utilizing Axon Academy’s online Version 23 courseware rather than go over the material in person. User access will be free, which can be purchased on the Axon Store once your agency’s course is setup for registration in Axon Academy.

In-House Internal Instructor Course (No Online) - Master Instructors should request this course type if your agency is running an internal instructor course, but will be running through the Version 23 courseware in-person rather than as online pre-work. We will reach out for a roster of students for us to track and grant their certificates.

TASER Energy Weapon Instructor Course - Request this course type if your agency would like to host a TASER Instructor Course and subsequently receive two free instructor spots. Please fill out all subsequent information such as training/shipping address(es) and requested training date(s) — we do ask that you submit up to three requested event dates in case we have to reject your first or second choices. Note we will reject any courses submitted less than 90 days out from today. A minimum of 12 students are required in order to run the class.

Note: If you need assistance registering students for an energy weapon operator course, submit a request here.